St Mary's sporting challenges

Bi-weekly take part in a fitness challenge, those of you who wish to enter  either send your video via DoJo or if equipment is an issue speak to Mr. Mickleburgh  and they will see if they can help.

Race for Life coming Summer 2021


Humber Games 2021 19-26th June


Re-Ignite Coming 15th June

 Exclusive sessions to support Year 6.

 'Kickstarting a love of activity and movement with fun as the catalyst'

High Intensity Games - Games designed to develop stamina and general fitness through fun, inclusive activities.


Creativity - Helping children create and develop their own activities.

 Schools Football Week 2021 24th-30th May

Cricket Experience Day for Key Stage 2 Chance to Shine 7th May 2021

Thank you to Mr. Crossley for coming in to teach Years 1-6 Cricket for the day. We had a super day.

Bikeability plus Balance EYFS


Lent 2 Challenges March- May

Lent 1 Challenge January-February The Daily Mile/ Pentathlon and Triathlon


The Joy of Moving


Check the link out above or below to access some fun physical activity that you can enjoy at home whether you are home-learning or still at school.


Our Joy of Moving programme is based on methodology which is designed to inspire children to move though play and captures the fun approach

  • Physical fitness
  • Motor coordination
  • Cognitive functions & creativity
  • Life skills


We have signed up to this at St Mary's and are working in collaboration with GTset in delivering this.

January's Challenge / Daily Mile Launch and Times Table Squats


 We are delighted to announce the launch of the Daily Mile. You've got to complete 100 Daily Miles to make your way around the world! Start in England and see how far you can travel. In school, Mr. Mickleburgh and Miss Blake will be monitoring each class and their journey around the world to motivate and support.

If you are isolating at home during the lockdown your miles can also be walked, whichever way you complete a mile is doesn't matter.

See the video below for an introduction to the Daily Mile:




 December Challenge


 You have until December 11th to complete the following activity. See Mr. Legg's demonstrators as an example.



November's Challenge Football Passing



Can you count how many passes Mr. Legg and our volunteer make? You have until 11th November.

Let's stay active and see what scores you can accomplish!






Key Stage 1 Isolation Challenge

  Key Stage 2 Isolation Challenge