Meet The Teaching team!


Mrs Rostron -Year 1 Teacher

Hello, my name is Mrs Rostron and I am your child’s Year 1 teacher this year.  I have worked at St Mary’s for over two years and in Early Years for 10 years. I have a keen passion for education and like children to be nurtured and to learn through creative play and exploration. We have some exciting topics planned for next year that the children will love.













Mrs L Smith -  FS2 Teacher

Hello, my name is Mrs Smith and I will be working in EYFS as the Reception teacher. Having taught most of the years groups in primary school, I am excited to be returning to Early Years and developing your child’s learning through play and exploration. We have lots of exciting topics and activity days planned ready for your return to school.

I feel lucky to be joining the St Mary’s team and look forward to working with you and your children! 















Miss Souter - Nursery Teacher

My name is Miss Souter and I will be your child’s Nursery teacher this year.  I am really looking forward to getting to know your children. I love teaching creative subjects and I am passionate about the importance of learning through play. We have so many exciting things planned for this year .



 Miss Wells - Year 3 Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Wells and I will be your child’s Year 3 teacher this year.

I love to encourage learning through drama, role play and exploration and I like to let the children guide their own learning journey. I know the children are going to absolutely love the topics planned this year .

I enjoy running and have a keen passion in promoting children being healthy and active.


 Mrs Ellis - Year 4 teacher

Hello, I'm Mrs Ellis and this is my 4th year teaching at Saint Mary’s and I am very pleased to be teaching year 4 this year. As part of the SLT team my responsibilities are: Maths lead,NQT Mentor,DDSL ,Designated teacher for LAC and Assessment lead. 

Outside of school, my favourite things to do are spending time with my husband and two daughters, reading and playing netball.


 Mrs Steeper- Assistant headteacher and year 5 teacher

Hello, I am Mrs Steeper. I am the Year 5 class teacher, alongside Miss Snell, as well as being one of the Assistant Heads, with responsibility for English. I have been teaching for 26 years but this is my first year at St. Mary’s and it is an amazing, happy and caring place to be in; I love every minute of it. When I am not teaching and having great fun learning with the children, I relax by gardening, growing fruit and vegetables, baking and watching the wildlife I encourage into my garden, as well as reading and listening to Radio 2. 


Miss Snell - Assistant headteacher and year 5 teacher

Hi, I am Miss Snell and I teach in Year 5 alongside Mrs Steeper, Mrs Morris and Miss Greaves. I have been a teacher for 27 years and have been at Saint Mary’s for five years. I am currently an Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Special Educational Needs. I find my work interesting, rewarding and fun! In my own time, I enjoy playing the piano, reading, walking, camping, sailing, as well as running a cub scout pack each week.




Mr Mickleburgh- Year 6 teacher


Hello everyone, I am Mr. Mickleburgh and I work in Year 6 alongside the talented Mrs. Hallam. We are a teaching-team full of passion, perseverance and precision. We go the extra mile to ensure learners feel safe enough to take risks. We give the children responsibilities and balance this with a culture of mutual respect. Finally, we are developing a classroom culture of courage so that our young people can be confident and happy learners. We believe in collaboration and care ensuring that everyone can feel like a someone in Year 6 at St Mary's.







Miss Queen and Miss Smith- safeguarding officers


 Mrs Morris

Hello, my name is Mrs. Morris and I am working in Year 5 as a class Teaching Assistant, helping and supporting the pupils with their learning. When I am not at work, I enjoy going for long walks (especially at the beach), cycling and swimming, as well as spending time at home looking after my garden.



Miss Greaves

Hello everyone, I am Miss Greaves and I am a one-to-one teaching assistant in Year 5.  I have been at this school for nearly 8 years.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching movies, listening to music, shopping, seeing my family, going on walks, cooking and baking.




Miss Barnes

Hello, my name is Miss Barnes and I am the teaching assistant in Year one. I have worked at St Mary's for four years and have been based in Reception. However, this year I am very excited to be in Year 1. 



Mrs Szlapanska

Hi, I’m Mrs Szlapanska , I was in year 2 last year and am very happy to be working in year 4 this year. Out of school I love spending time with my husband and boys.

Miss Briscoe- HLTA  

Hello, my name is Miss Briscoe and I am a HLTA, I have worked at Saint Mary’s for 6 years now, where I have worked in both Early Years and Year 1. I am currently based in Y2, I’m feeling very excited and positive about this year, I have had the privilege of working with your children since Reception so I’m feeling very lucky to get another chance to continue supporting their learning. 

Miss Younger

Hello my name is Miss Younger and I’m an Early Years Practitioner in Nursery. I have worked at the school for over 8 years and my passion has always been in Early Years. I’m enthusiastic about supporting young children in their early learning and ensuring the children are happy and healthy. I look forward to meeting your child and being able to support them to give them their best start in school life.