Secure consistently good or better teaching across all year groups and subjects to improve rates of pupils’ progress, by:



 - planning activities that are accurately matched to groups of pupils’ different abilities and checking that the most able are challenged sufficiently

 - making sure that pupils understand why they are doing specific work and know when they have completed it successfully


 - adapting lesson activities in response to pupils’ understanding so that learning is accelerated


- asking pupils questions that deepen their understanding and so strengthen their learning


? ensuring that marking is effective in all subjects and that pupils know how to improve their work.

Action taken:


  • All staff received training on quality teaching (teachers with Mike Wintle SIP and TAs with PBM).  This was repeated in June with Anna Coney – School partnership mentor.  This is a focus of all monitoring.
  • Training on the importance of focussed planning has taken place at staff meetings as well as individual discussions at pupil progress meetings and regularly monitored.
  • Rigorous planning scrutiny, lesson observations and book scrutiny has taken place by subject leaders and SLT regularly to check that work is planned for individual pupils needs and that live teaching is adapted accordingly.
  • Blue pen live marking has been implemented to accelerate learning within the lesson.
  • Much focus has been given to marking and how effective it is balanced against the time it takes.  We adapted the marking policy in April 2016 and as a result of extensive monitoring and staff discussion, again in Sept 2017.
  • Training has taken place for all staff on steps to success and they are now part of the non negotiables expected in each lesson. These help children understand what they need to do and enable them to self-assess against the learning intentions.
  •  TA’s have had additional supplementary training on the effective use of questioning, feedback and marking.  This is a focus in all monitoring.
  • Training has been given on appropriate differentiation especially in core subjects.
  • Provision maps are written and updated each term.  These are monitored and tracked by the SENDCO.
  • Assessments in Reading, Writing and Maths are moderated and data tracked half termly and Foundation subjects are assessed and monitored by subject leaders.  Teachers are held to account at pupil progress meetings.
  • Fluid intervention takes place either in Early Morning Activities, or in an afternoon to address simple misconceptions.
  • Larger gaps in learning are addressed with formal interventions (as identified on the provision map) and these are recorded with entry and exit points so that we can measure impact.