Collective Worship

Gathering together for prayer is very important to us in school. At the start of every RE lesson and Collective Worship, we set up the prayer focus areas and talk about the symbols that we place onto them and what they mean to us. We enjoy learning about different Bible stories and thinking about times when we gather together, in school and also in church.

R.E. Lessons

During RE lessons in Reception Class, the children begin the lesson by setting up the prayer focus area. During the lesson, we looked at the story of ‘Let the little children come to me,’ when Jesus was cross with his Disciples for sending all the children away and not letting them see Jesus. He encouraged all the children to come to him. He spoke to them all and blessed them. During activity time, some children role played the story in the sand and all the children decorated a picture frame and drew a picture of them in the middle. This shows that Jesus loves all of us!


In RE, FS2 have started their new topic on ‘Friends’. We thought about what made a good friend and what doesn’t make good friend. We then painted a picture of who is a special friend to us.