Class Act of Worship - June 2017

The children in year 4 celebrated CAOW in the chapel.  We began with our morning prayer especially remembering those who have lost their lives recently. The children listened to a parable about the Sun, Wind and Rain and who was the strongest; Looking at their choices and how they affect others in positive and negative ways. The message was that the really strong people in the world are those by sharing light, warmth and love like the Sun did and just as Jesus did. We are going to shine like the sun which will embody a heart that sees.


The children in year 4 have started their new RE topic named CALLED. They have been looking at times they have been called to join a club or something similar. We discussed how in baptism and confirmation the Lord calls us to him. We finished off with reflection time.

Other Faiths

In Year 4 we have been looking at other faiths this week. We have looked at Judaism and the Hebrew language; we have been looking at the Torah and the children have been writing in Hebrew and making their own scroll.


Preparing for Lent, Class Act of Worship

Today the YR4 children have gone to the chapel to celebrate CAOW. The theme was related to Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) as we begin Lent tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. The children brought up candles to symbolise Jesus is the light of the world and sat in a circle to symbolise God’s love is like a circle and never ends. The children placed an alleluia in a box to symbolise how we can lose it in our lives and how in Lent we can bring it back. We had readings from Psalm 130, prayers of thanksgiving and reflection. We sang the song ‘My lighthouse’ which linked to the candles and how at the end of Lent we celebrate Jesus sacrifice and became the light of the world. Our mission is to try to give up something for Lent or do more of good things for Lent. Examples were to give up chocolate and sweets and to do more by spending time with family. One idea was to give 40 different things to charities.