Why we did it


Democracy Week

To promote British Values

  • Explored beliefs and experiences
  • Enjoyment of learning about themselves and their environment
  • Used imagination and creativity
  • Able to reflect
  • Recognised right and wrong
  • Respect of the law
  • Understand consequences
  • Investigated moral and ethical issues
  • Offered reasoned views
  • Used a range of social skills
  • Participated in the local community
  • Appreciated diverse viewpoints
  • Participated, volunteered and cooperated
  • Engaged with British Values
  • Appreciated cultural influences
  • Appreciated the role of our parliamentary system
  • Participated in cultural opportunities

Developed understanding, acceptance, respect and celebrated diversity.

Enterprise week

To promote business and enterprise skills and encourage maximum profit from their goods.

Diversity week

To promote British values

E-safety week and Safer Internet day

To promote on-line safety

Anti-bullying week

To promote ways of dealing with bullying

Care for the Community week including Dementia talk

To promote an understanding of all aspects/people in our community

Healthy week

To promote and encourage healthy eating

Relationships and Sex Education Week

To promote healthy relationships and how our bodies work

NSPCC  Speak out and Stay safe training for all children and parents

To show children how they can speak out and who they can talk to

E-safety training for parents

To show parents how they can keep themselves and their children safe on-line

First Aid Training for Y6 Red Cross

To encourage basic first aid skills

Citizenship Day at Grimsby Institute attended by School Councillors

British Values

PSHC training for Y5/6 on Risky Behaviours/ e-safety/ emotional well being

To show children how to stay safe

Fire Safety from Fire Service

To show children how to keep safe during this time


Bug Busting Day

Carried out by the school nurse to help eradicate head lice in school