The Arts

Why we did it


Grimsby Speech and Drama Festival

Cleethorpes Speech and Drama Festival

Grimsby Institute Christmas Pantomime

Ukelele Festival

Crash Bang Wallop Music Workshop

Big Sing

KS1 Singing festival

Cleethorpes Music Festival

Recorder and Ukelele concert

E-safety drama

Play in a day – pantomime

Broadway club’s production of Annie

Acceptance of Artsmark Statement of Commitment

Christmas Concert

To promote the arts in school. Recent reports extol the benefits of thinking creatively and the impact this can have in all subjects. It was our intention to provide as many opportunities for the children to take part in creative activities this year as possible.


  • Opportunities to practise thinking creatively
  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Development of self-confidence when performing
  • Learning how to make choices and decisions
  • Development of focus when learning lines, notes or songs
  • Collaboration skills
  • Accountability in group performances
  • Broaden their horizons
  • Confidence in public speaking