Year 3 Handball 08/02/2017

Today Year 3 joined two other schools for a handball festival. The children thoroughly enjoyed the warm up and skills session at the beginning but were even more enthusiastic about playing handball as mixed teams with the children from the other schools. Making new friends and having fun whilst playing a new sport.

Gifted and Talented

After attending the Year 3 Handball festival put on by Gravity Red at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre 6 of our children were chosen for being gifted and talented in Handball. These 6 children were: Lexi, Oliwia, Karolina, Riley, Baylee and Cole. The children took part in skills based activities; defending, attacking and aiming and were mixed in with other children from different schools. The children then competed in games against each other and really enjoyed themselves! Well done for being chosen out of your whole class, we are very proud of you!