PE – 25/09/2017 This week in PE we have been learning to work on ball control and moving around in small spaces. The children have been extremely enthusiastic and really enjoyed taking part.


PE – Over the first few weeks of term the children are learning to balance on different parts of their body. The children have been making paired and group sequences of different balances and performing them to the class.

P.E. Jump

Year 2 have been learning different types of jumps this week in PE. We have learnt the ‘tuck’ , ‘straddle’ and ‘stretch’. We practised how to take off, position our bodies mid jump and then land safely on the floor first. We then transferred this skill to using apparatus to jump from, giving us extra flight to think about the positions of our bodies.


On Thursday 26th of April, the year 2 children were treated to a taster session in cricket on the field by a company called All Stars Cricket.  The children had an assembly to be introduced into the sport, even using Miss Hirst and Mr Pickerden to demonstrate! After that, we headed onto the field to do different activities. We started by passing a ball to our partners, before moving onto batting a ball as far as we could. Mr Pickerden almost hit the ball over the fence! Before moving onto a catching game. The children had a really enjoyed the session and we had a lot of smiling faces J

Track Events

WB 25/06/2018. In PE with Mr Osborne, the children in year 2 have started looking at track events. This week, we looked at using the hurdles. We started by doing a running activity and jumping over the hurdles and after this, the children, in teams, competed against each other in a hurdle race! The children enjoyed doing the lesson on the hurdles.

To end with, the children had a race along the running track, competing against Mr Osborne and Mrs Westfield. They all did very well! J

Year 2 Mini Olympics

On Wednesday 12th July, to continue with our study of Greece, year 2 had the opportunity to compete in a Mini- Olympics competition organised by a specialist sports coach. We took part in various activities including hammer throw, shot put, javelin, sprint, long jump and team relay racing. We all got into the spirit of things and showed super sportsmanship.