Archery Lesson 1

On Friday, the children in year 3 had the opportunity to have a go at a new sport which we hadn’t done before. We were really excited when we found out it was archery. Miss Hirst had been giving us clues all day! We learnt how to load our arrow and had a go at firing at a target.

Archery Lesson 2

In our second archery session, year 3 have been aiming at smaller targets, such as skittles, a football, a dodgeball and even a tennis ball! We are even hitting them! We have also been using our maths skills by adding up our scores – in the third round we had to double them!

  Year 3 Interpretive Dance

In year 3, we have been looking at interpretive dance. We have looked at how to move to the beat of music, how to interpret the mood, the different movements we can make and how we can travel. We then put all that we had learnt together and made a performance based on what we have learnt about Roman gladiators. Our performances were very impressive and we proved how well we can control our bodies. 


Today on the 30/04/18, the children in year 3 have been practicing their tennis skills. They began with a quick-fire warm-up by competing against each other. Whichever team had the most turned over cones won! The children moved onto stretching muscles by completing balancing exercises. During the tennis lesson the children practiced their catching and bouncing skills, they worked on volleys (which means returning the ball without letting it bounce) and they also looked at using their footwork to give the optimum power.

Tennis Skills

Today 21/05/2018, the children in year 3 have been practicing their tennis skills. They began with a warm up that required them to move quickly and effectively in a small sectioned area. This helped them work on their coordination and agility. Children then worked in pairs and worked on trying to get a rally going by using different skills including forehand, backhand and volleys. Finally they finished with a game of ghost. The children loved it!

Year 3 - Running

Today on the 4th June, the children in year 3 have been looking at different speeds of running from a jog that we categorised as 1, up to a sprint classified as number 5. The children looked at different speeds for different time durations. The children worked in pairs and encouraged their partner to pace themselves and to keep going until the time had lapsed. Some fabulous pace runners and endurance!