In P.E. this term, Year 5 are looking at Athletics, in particular the Standing Long Jump and Triple Jump.  They are working on how to improve and develop their jumping techniques to use an explosive move when attempting one of these jumps.  The children worked in groups and completed a carousel of activities which included Hop Scotch, Speed Bounce (2 feet), Hopping Speed Bounce and the Standing Long Jump.



Today 10 Year 5 children were very lucky as they were specially chosen to take part in a free Hockey Masterclass from Premier Sport to prepare them for a hockey competition after the half term. The children took part in skills lessons learning how to: hold the hockey stick correctly, dribble a ball in between cones, move with the ball quickly, block the ball from getting past and then finally played a hockey match against each other. The children will use these skills after half term to compete against other children in the area in a competition.


P.E. Passing and Moving

In PE this term the children in Year 5 are working on their passing, moving and communicating skills. This week in their PE lesson they had to be able to demonstrate that they could find a space and evade defenders.


29/09/17 – Archery

Today the children in Year 5 were given the opportunity to start their special Archery Project from MSP in PE. The children learned how to set up the box and arrow correctly, learned the correct stance to use when aiming and firing and got a chance to aim at targets and try to score points. They all had a lovely afternoon and can’t wait for next week!



06/10/17 Archery Y5

Today the children in Y5 had the chance to take part in Archery again. At the beginning of the lesson Mr Osborne questioned the children on how to load their bows and arrows, recapping on health and safety rules and modelling how to do this correctly. After that the children were split in half. Half of the group aimed at a board that has points written on them, if they hit the numbers then they could challenge the other people in their groups to do that many exercises (e.g. press ups, sit ups, burpees etc). The other half of the group were given targets to hit: a goal, skittles, a football and a dodgeball. Each target as worth a certain amount of points. (Goal = 1, skittles = 10, football = 15, dodgeball = 25) When the children hit the targets they then gave their teams that amount of exercises to keep the children constantly active. The children had a fabulous time and their accuracy in aiming is getting much better with Taylor, Jayden, Daisy and Anabella hitting the smallest target on a number of occasions. Well done Y5, a fantastic effort.


Long Distance Running

In PE last week, 23/11/2017, Year 5 worked on their Long Distance Running, focussing in particular on endurance and pacing themselves to build up their stamina, enabling them to have a strong finish at the end of the race.

WW2 - Dance


During PE, the children in year 5 are completing the topic of performance dance. In order to link to our class topic of WW2 the children began the lesson by watching a video of a ww2 dance – the swing, the jitterbug and the Charleston. The children then learnt some dance moves and put them together in a sequence. We will hopefully be showing these dancing routines off soon so watch this space!



In P.E. this term, the year 5 children have been improving their gymnastic skills, in particular their gymnastic balances.  They worked on different points of balance and counter-balance moves, then worked in small groups or with a partner putting together a sequence of moves, which incorporated different balances and rolls such as teddy bear roll, log roll, pencil and egg roll.  While performing these manoeuvres, the children had to maintain body control and think about their posture.

P.E. 23/03/2018


In P.E. this term, Year 5 are recapping Invasion games,such as football and hockey, in particular they are looking at improving their dribbling and passing skills.

The children worked with a partner on controlling and passing the ball to each other; dribbling around cones using a zigzag technique and then controlling/passing the ball to each other whilst moving.  They then were put in teams and played matches against each other.

Maths and P.E.


As it is world maths day today the children Year 5 had an active maths lesson which linked to PE. The children too part in lots of fun maths activities and were moving at the same time- bonus!

Activity 1 – Children picked up a bean bag and walked around the area counting up in their timestables and continuing past 12 x ? too. They were then extended by starting from a random number and having to count up in their timestables.

Activity 2 - There were red, yellow, green and blue hoop making a square around the court. The children then moved to the hoops. In the middle, there were a range of coloured cones which were worth different amounts. One child per group ran to the middle to grab one cone and then put it in the hoop. When all the cones are gone the children count them up according to their values.
This was expanded by:running there, hopping back, side skipping there, star jumps back etc, with a bigger points system or by having minus points, by not revealing the values of the cones,  turning the cones upside down and giving a bouncy ball, chn bounce the ball and bounce the ball onto the cone so it flips over before they go back to their group.

Activity 3 - All groups had a code breaker sheet. There were 4 different coloured cones placed in front of the children, each child had to throw their bean bag into the hoops and then get a clue to solve the code breaker.  In the end the groups who figured out the code correctly were able to unlock the shark from the evil pirate!  

Activity 4- An over and under race with a ball against other teams when it got to the end the
children run to the whiteboard on the floor at the front to write the net timestable until they get to 12X whatever the timestable is.


All children had great fun being active and doing maths!



On Friday, the children in Year 5 began their new topic in PE (Athletics) in preparation for their upcoming sports day. The children began by learning how to do a running long jump and then a standing long jump. During the session children were extended by gaining height once they had mastered the jumps using hurdles. We also had a competition against each other to see who could jump the furthest.


In PE this term, the children in Year 5 have been playing tennis.  Over the last few weeks they have been working on their different tennis skills; practising their forehand, backhand, serve and volley, and rallies.  They worked with a partner, playing a doubles game, trying to put all these skills into practise and be as accurate as possible. 



Today the children in Y5 have had a PE lessons based on striking. They recapped their knowledge on how to bowl to their partners and then learnt how strike using one of the resources provided. Those children who struggled with this were given the option to use tennis rackets, then moved onto cricket bats and then rounders bats to strike. After practising using these different resources, they evaluated their own and their partner’s performances, giving tips on where to improve better next time. They then competed in a couple of games using their new striking skills. The first game consisted of the batters gained a point for each time they hit the ball but if the fielders caught the ball then their points were eliminated. The final game was very similar but instead they had cones set out around the field that they had to aim for to gain more points. A great lesson was had by all.


Today on the 03/07/2018, the children in year 5 have been practising their rounders skills. They have worked on their teamwork, communication, throwing and catching. Their batting skills have improved and they have had the option of using different bats to make the task of hitting a belter more challenging! A fantastic and close competitive match by all.


In P.E. this term, the Year 5 children have been looking at Athletics, in particular focussing on the standing long jump and triple jump.  They have looked at using different techniques; using the arms to give momentum and the legs for power, to enable them to extend the length of their jump, and also worked on their landing technique for balance.