Mrs Ellis - Year 3 Teacher

I am very excited to move up into year 3 with them and continue to be a part of their learning journey. I have a keen passion for Maths and love learning through drama, role play and exploration. I know the children are going to absolutely love the topics planned for next year and I can’t wait to begin.


Miss Dennison - Y4 Teacher

This is my fourth year working at St Mary’s and my second year teaching in Year 4. P.E and science are the subjects I am most passionate about and hope to encourage children to have the same passion. I believe learning should be fun and I will ensure I plan exciting and stimulating lessons to challenge every child.


Mrs Hodson-Hiles - Year 5 Teacher

I joined Saint Mary’s at the start of this term and I am really excited about being here and working in Year 5. My favourite subjects to teach are Maths and History, particularly when we can make the lessons fun with equipment, resources and artefacts.  I have a passion for reading and always try to encourage children to escape into their own adventure when reading a really good book.


Mrs Mancey - Year 6 Teacher and Assistant Head

I joined Saint Mary's at Easter 2016 and I am the Assistant Head and the English leader at the school. I work in Year 6, which is really enjoyable. My favourite subject is English and I am really passionate about raising standards in reading and writing across the school to enable every child to be the best author, poet, playwright and story teller that they can be.