We have many awards and rewqrds for the children at Saint Mary's Catholic Primary Academy:

Every week we have a Good Work Assembly to recognise and to praise children for their hard work and each week, we have a different focus for this. These children are given awards and take part in the assembly.  Each week, children who have really excelled, are invited to afternoon tea on a Friday with the Head Teacher of one of her senior leadership team.  

We also have weekly awards in class to recognise achievements and effort the children put into their work. We have:

  • 'Mathematician of the week'
  • 'Writer of the week' and
  • 'Reader of the Week'.

All children in KS1 and KS2 earn Dojos (rewards) for their hard work and these are counted as house points. See the information about our houses in the 'Our Catholic Academy' link. Every week the house points are collected by year 6 and these are totalled at the end of every term. The house point scores are announced weekly at Good Work Assembly and the final scores are given out at our termly Awards Assembly.  Dojos are also given for good behaviour and following The Golden Rules. At the end of every half term these are totalled and children can spend  their Dojos on various prizes at the Saint Mary's schjool shop.

Weekly attendance awards are given to individual children with 100% attendance.
Each term there is also a Class Award for the class with the best attendance.

Children also receive positive notes home for good behaviour or hard work in school.
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