Year 1 Class Activities

Art & DT

Year 1 started their ART and DT project. The children have made 3D castles out of different materials. In small groups the children have been problem solving by finding the best resources to make walls, towers and even a motte. They are very excited and proud of their efforts. 


As part of our ICT topic we are learning at how to instruct our friends. The children worked in pairs and directed each other around the hall to retrieve a book.

We found this a lot of fun, but it was tricky at times.




Year 1 have been investigating 2 digit numbers and how they are made up of tens and ones.


In science this term Year one have been investigating and identifying different materials around school. We have been discussing the different objects we use at school and what natural materials they are made out of. To finish off our investigation we carried out an experiment to find out if we can squeeze, bend or stretch different objects made out of different materials. 

Visit to Lincoln Castle

As part as our castles topic year one went to Lincoln castle. We had so much fun walking along the castle wall, exploring in the dungeons.  We enjoyed a traditional medieval banquet were we got to be kings, queens, ladies and lords. In the afternoon we learnt some skills to help us become knights. We had such a busy day!