Year 2 Class Activities


Visit to Lincoln Castle

Year 2 were lucky enough to go on a fantastic school trip to Lincoln Castle. We had such a wonderful time and got to take part in some amazing activities. We got to design and make beautiful shields, eat a delicious medieval banquet, try on some replica medieval armour that a knight would have worn, go on a historic wall walk along the top of the castle and go through a knight boot camp practising how to dress a knight and how to shoot a bow and arrow. What an exhausting yet terrific day it was!


Year 2 began to look at money in maths. We familiarised ourselves with the coins and the value of each coin and were given a challenge to make a particular amount of money in as many ways as we could. We had lots of fun seeing who could make the most of ways!

Singing Festival

Year 2 went for a fantastic day out to the Grimsby Auditorium for the Singing Festival. We had a magical day and loved seeing everyone dressed up as a prince, princess, fairy, dragon or knight! We were there with 10 others school from our local area and we got a special mention for our enthusiastic involvement during the day and the children’s superb behaviour. Well done Year 2, you did Saint Mary’s proud!