Year 4 Class Activities


The children in year 4 have started their new topic, The Tudors. They began by watching a video from horrible histories that sung a song of the history, which they all enjoyed. They then investigated hidden artefacts in our ‘sands of time’ hypothesising what the artefact is? How it was made? What it was made of? What does it tell us about the Tudors? An exciting interactive historical afternoon!


The children in year 4 were visited by an expert who collected and researched Tudor artefacts. The guest speaker explained the different resources and methods that the Tudors had and how they were made. The children worked in groups to complete an artefact report, they then had a go at drawing and labelling the artefacts that they had seen. At the end of the morning, the children made pomanders by pushing cloves into an orange. The Tudors used these toward away bad smells and believed that they promoted good health.

Tudor Costume Design

The children in year 4 have become Tudor costume designers. They have learned that fashion for Tudor women would be outfits in the shape of triangles. In contrast mens’ fashion was to be in the shape of squares and the larger the person you were the more fashionable as it meant you had more money and could eat more lavishly. The children have independently researched a design on the internet and have then drawn their costume design. The last stage was to choose the fabric for their design. Look at Paris, London and Milan we have some budding fashion designers on our hands.

Tudor Dynasty

The children in year 4 have been making an information puzzle on some of the famous monarchs from the Tudor Dynasty. They worked as a group, reading and researching facts about who they were? When did they rule? Who were their relatives? And finally, any useful and interesting facts about them. After this the children worked independently to create a fact file on their chosen monarch. The monarchs we have looked at Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, Mary I and Elizabeth I.

The Reign of the Tudors

The children in year 4 have worked together in groups ordering the most famous Tudors in according to when they reigned. In addition they then watched a video of Henry VIII’s six wives which the children enjoyed singing along to. The classroom was transformed into Henry VIIIs six wives; the children visited each wife’s station in the form of speed dating and researched information and recording facts about each. The children have really engaged in this topic and have enjoyed learning about this famous period of history.


The children in year 4 have been looking at measuring different items around the classroom and using scales to find out the correct weight. After they had collected range of different weights they looked at converting their weights into kg from g and vice versa, e.g  1850g = 1.85kg.


The children in year 4 have been doing gymnastic jumps in PE today. They have been focusing on balance, presentation, posture and landing. They have enjoyed using numerous sizes of different apparatus.