Year 5 Class Activities

Lost Boy

The children in year 5 have been making lists of positives and negatives for being a Lost Boy in Neverland. The children have then been working in groups debating their point of view practicing their listening and speaking skills and using persuasive language and counter arguments against points made. They would be brilliant guests on Question Time!


In PE the YR5 children have been working on their gymnastic balances, mirror image balances with partners and they have been taught how to perform a correct cartwheel using the clock method, the children are allowed to perform their own style cartwheel as long as arms are strong and straight as well as long pointy legs and toes.


In Maths this week Y5 have been looking at 3D shapes. First they recapped the different shapes and their properties (how many faces/edges/vertices). Then they had to identify the different 3D shapes from a 2D presentation (its net). After that they looked at 3 different views of a cube with patterns on and had to work out where the faces were in relation to each other and record them on the net of a cube.

Energy Saving

The children in Year 5 have been continuing with their energy saving topic in Maths. Today we have incorporated art and design with wooden spoons to create an evil standby doodle; His job is to go around and turn items that are in standby to off, in order to save money and excess energy that would normally be wasted.