Year 6 Class Activities

Games Evaluation

As part of their Topic work Year 6 will be designing and making their own board game. However, before they do this Y6 need to carry out an evaluation to find out what makes a good game. They spent some time playing different games, such as Countdown, Battleships, Logo and 4 in a Row evaluating them for things like enjoyable/exciting, easy/hard to play, number of players, rules (easy/hard to understand) and visuals etc. They look as though they really enjoyed this activity.

3D Games

Here are the Year 6 children enjoying themselves painting their 3d islands before they do the next stage – adding the final touches to make their board games.


After designing and creating a 3d image of their own island out of junk modelling materials, such as cardboard, paper , etc., the children in Year 6 covered them with modroc in preparation for the next stage of making their 3d games – painting and adding the final features.

Ancient Eygpt

The children in year 6 have been learning about shadufs, which were used to lift water onto farmer’s fields, as part of their Ancient Egypt topic. They designed their own shadufs and worked in teams to build and test their models.