This afternoon, FS2 went on to the field and began to make their teamwork stronger using the parachute. We had so much fun and played lots of different games.


This week, Reception children have been looking at how to make bubbles. They have used different tools to see how they can make different size and shaped bubbles.


As part of our Minibeast topic, in our challenge area, children had the opportunity to design and make minibeast using a variety of different materials. The children were very creative and made some fabulous minibeasts. Well done Reception class.

White or Brown Bread

As part of our healthy eating topic in Reception, our challenge this week was to find out what bread we like the best; brown or white bread. We made our own bread and in the afternoon the children all tried the finished buns and made a choice. The majority of the children chose the white bread over the brown bread.

Healthy Sandwiches

As part of our Ready Steady Cook topic, the children have taken part in an activity to create a healthy sandwich. They were given different bread choices, and could choose between pitta pockets, sandwich thins or 50/50 bread. Then they could choose different healthy ingredients to use in their sandwiches. Once the children had created their sandwiches they enjoyed time together to sit and eat it.

Jelly Bean Experiment

Reception have done an experiment looking at Jelly Beans. We put them into a half filled cup of water, and waited to see what happened to the jelly bean, water and smell. We checked each cup at 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes – we spoke about what had happened to each cup.

Jelly Making and Tasting

As part of our ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ topic, the children have been looking at solids and liquids. They took part in jelly making and tasting. They had 4 different flavours to try; the children began by making the jelly using warm water and stirred it until it became a liquid. When the jelly had set the children tasted all the jelly flavours and had to say which their favourite was. We then made a pictogram to find out which flavour jelly was the most popular and which was the least popular.

The Very Busy Spider

As part of our minibeast topic, we looked at the book ‘The Very Busy Spider.’ The children went into the garden exploring and looking for webs that the spiders had made. When they found one, they gently sprayed them with water show they could see them glisten in the sun and then took photos of them. The children then came back into class and designed their own webs using glitter and glue.