Design and Technology

In D & T Year 5 had to design a healthy meal.  They worked in groups and had to come up with a meal idea that was cost effective, healthy and enjoyable.  To ensure it was cost effective they used a well-known supermarket website while designing the recipe.

This week the children finally got to make their healthy meals.  They had great fun chopping, slicing, dicing and peeling fruit/vegetables, buttering bread, making sandwiches and pizzas.  After making their meals, all the groups got to sample their own meal, as well as each other’s meal.  Judging by the amount of food left over, I think the healthy meals were a great success

Minutes Silence

Year 5 held a minute’s silence in remembrance of all those who died or were injured in the Manchester Arena bombing.  Bobbi wrote a class act of worship based around this, chose the hymn ‘Make me a channel of your peace’ and read from the bible which was a reading based around being a peacemaker.  Afterwards the children wrote special prayers for all the victims, their families and anyone affected by this terrible disaster, which they placed on the year 5 class prayer tree.


In English this week the Year 5 children had a class debate. The question put to the children was ‘If someone is homeless and stole food – is it stealing? Should they be punished?’ The children were put into two groups to discuss this and then had to put their arguments for and against to the class. Some children thought that the person should be punished because stealing was wrong, while others felt that he/she should not be punished as they needed the food because they were hungry.


In Music this term the Y5 children are learning about different styles of rap music. This week the children had to practice facial and vocal warm-ups. First they started with facial warm-ups by having to stretch their mouths wide open and closed, as well as making different facial expressions. Then they had to spell their name using their tongue and also practice various breathing techniques. After that they listened to some rap music and then performed some singing in the style of rapping.