In PE this term year 6 are learning to play tennis. We have started off by throwing and hitting the ball accurately and learning about the different ways to hit a ball. Some of us found this quite tricky at first!


Year 6 played Football Rounders on the field. It was wet, rainy and windy, but everyone was having fun.

The strongest players were Alisha for her kicking skills, Imogen for running three rounders and Teegan for catching the ball incredibly well. Some people need a little more practice, but all players are equally important. As people say there is no I in TEAM.  

Everyone had a great time.

Design & Technology

In Design and Technology, Y6 have been creating their own healthy recipes. They had to decide on a healthy meal or food, cost the ingredients on a supermarket website and then make and evaluate their products.

Some children chose to make healthy lollies from fruit whilst others made fruit and chicken kebabs!