During w/c 18th September 2017, each class held a 'Meet the Teacher Welcome Meeting'. If you were not able to attend, we have attached the Powerpoint from the meeting. This gives you all the information you need to know about being in this class this year. We also sent home a Summary Information Sheet and these are attached too.

Year 6 Class Information Autumn Term 2017

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Welcome to Year 6


The children in year 6 have worked together practising new skills of skimming and scanning to retrieve information in order to answer comprehension questions. The children have then put these skills into practice by answering questions on the story “Talking Pictures” by Kathryn Coiffait. They have moved onto answering questions that the children have had to use inference a much trickier skill. As a reward for the hard work, effort and determination the children finished off with adjective sheriff which they loved.


The children in year 6 have started on their music topic today looking at the classic rock song “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. They have looked at pulse and rhythm; they have also tried singing and learning the vocals. They have had a group discussion about what musical instruments they may learn to play the song on.


Art  21/09/2017

In the art lesson we have been using pastel and chalk to draw pictures showing light and shade on the surface of the moon. We have discussed the different textures and how craters are formed.



Over the past week, the children have worked in groups making power points on each planet in our solar system. They had to find out the order of the planets from the sun, what the planet is made of and how long a year is, what the planet is made of and an interesting fact. They then presented their slide show to the class.


Today 16/10/17, the children in year 6 have been looking at some different text with missing words and have been adding their own words to ensure the text still makes sense. They have been using nouns, verbs, adverbs in conjunction with looking at the correct tenses-past, present and future. The children really engaged in this activity.


Today on 10/10/17 the children in Year 6 have continued their work with angles. We have looked at drawing perfect circles using a compass. We have learned new vocabulary of circumference, diameter and radius. The children have been able to label and measure these accurately. The class moved onto drawing triangles into their circles and labelling the 3 angles and then measuring them accurately with a protractor. They have all worked fantastically well. A very creative and hands on Maths lesson.


Today on 09/10/17 the children in Year 6 have continued their science work on Space. They have learned 3 new vocabulary words: Rotation- to spin on axis; Revolution- something that goes around and Orbit- is the path that is taken. The children acted out the Earth and Moon using the 3 new words correctly. They then looked at Ptolemy’s theory that the planets moved geocentrically and how the theory by Copernicus on heliocentrically replaced this.


Today 02/10/2017 in Music the children listened to the song Machine Head by Deep Purple. They noticed that there was a long guitar solo and found out that this was one of the first rock vocals. Some children liked it and others didn’t. After this the children started to learn to play Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi on the recorders. They looked at the notes G, F#, E, and D.

We then moved onto recapping our previous instrument, playing the glockenspiel, looking at the notes B, A and G.