Text Maps 29/01/2018

This week Class 2P have been text mapping different parts of the explanation text ‘Tidy Your Bedroom’ machine. The children will learn the story through the text map and the actions and will invent their own special machine and explain how it works. The children worked really well in groups and loved performing their own specific part of the text to the class.


Children in 2E have been practising their doubling and halving in maths fluency sessions. The children were given a question and had to form the answer using their bodies. Can you guess their answers ? 


Time in 2P

This week (2-2-18) the children in class 2P explored time. We looked at different time phrases and the children all worked really well. Some children moved on from o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past and began looking and exploring telling time to the nearest five minutes.


We have started to learn about famous and inspirational people throughout history. Year 2 have looked at the moon landing and the heroics of Neil Armstrong. Now Year 2 are exploring the magnificent work of Florence Nightingale and are preparing to write a biography containing all the information they have found out and researched.


Maths Mission

This week (5-2-18) the children in class 2P have embarked upon a mini-maths mission. The children must help Miss Littlewood with her special party. Exploring a variety of coins and notes the children investigated different amounts that can be made. As you can see the children loved exploring and investigating and finding different amounts of money thrown around the classroom. We had a lot of fun and made a lot of mess in 2P!


Last Friday 23rd March, all of year 2 (and indeed some very famous people from the past)  were investigating properties of materials. We were trying to find what would be the most suitable material to make a bucket with. We each made a prediction and then we tested a variety of materials to see if our prediction was correct.