In Science, Year 4 have been looking at solids, liquids and gases. We’ve been investigating what actually makes a material a solid, how liquids can be manipulated and finding out whether gas has a weight. We conducted an experiment with fizzy drinks - shaking them up to try and release the gas until they’re flat. We then weighed them to see if the weight had decreased after the gas has been released. It was a big success and thankfully we had no erupting fizzy drinks!


French 31/01/2018

In French, Year 4 have been investigating the 4 seasons. We played several games to get the children repeating the names of each season to become imbedded in their memory. Two of their favourite games were the fastest to splat the season and Chinese writing – spelling the name of the season on their partners back to see if they could guess it.


In music, Year 4 have been looking at the song ‘Stop!’ which is an anti-bullying rap. We’ve spent a long time perfecting the chorus and 4 rap verses. This week we began to use glockenspiels along to the beat focusing on the notes C and D.