Archery Club

In summer term the children of Saint Mary's have been given the chance to take part in Archery club after school on a Tuesday. The session is being run by Mr Osborne with the help of Kian and Charlie (SSOC). The children come up with a warm up to get children active and moving and then they move onto the health and safety aspects of archery. This week the children were aiming at a range of targets: gymnastics table, football, dodgeball and cricket stumps. After practising their accuracy, they moved onto a game of gaining points, trying to beat the other teams.

Cookery 14th May 2018

This term we have started with a new group of enthusiastic cooks.  During club this week, we have made one of cookery clubs favourites, the pizza swirls.  I’m sure you will agree they look amazing!  They tasted fabulous too.

Sports Clubs at Saint Mary's

Please click on the link to view our sports club page.

Just Dance After School Club

Today, 25th June, at the Just Dance Club children had lots of fun dancing to their favourite songs “What did the Fox say?” and “Eye of the Tiger”. They also enjoyed some new songs “Baby Shark” and “Monkey Banana Dance”.