Healthy Eating Day

On 24/05/18, the children of Saint Mary’s school had a day of learning all about healthy eating. Children will be exposed to lessons where they will learn about the eat well guide, be able to taste different fruits and vegetables and understand what different forms of food do for our bodies.

Year 5 Healthy Eating Day


Today the children in Y5 celebrated healthy eating day by learning about the eat well plate. They had a blank version of it and then had to label it up with the correct terminology and explain what affect these foods had on the body. While some of the children did that, other groups of children made fruit salads or fruit smoothies out of a range of fruit such as: bananas, apricots, kiwis, pomegranate and loads more! What a great way to learn how to have a healthy diet!

Year 1 Healthy Eating Day

One of the activities Year 1 has been doing during Healthy Week is food sorting, we have been discussing whether packed lunch items are healthy or unhealthy. We have also been tasting some yummy fruits and choosing which ones are our favourites.

Nursery Healthy Eating 

One of our activities for Healthy Schools Week is making a healthy lunch. The Nursery children had to choose what they would put in their lunch box.

Nursery Strawberry Planting

As part of Health Schools Week Nursery have been planting strawberries in a planter. The children will have to water them on a daily basis.

Reception Class Healthy Eating

During healthy week in school, we made healthy sandwiches. The children used knives to chop bananas and cucumbers, as well as spread their own low fat cheese spread. We drank healthy smoothies and some of the children even tried carrot sticks dipped in hummus.