Science Afternoon


Today the children in Y5 went to Beacon Academy for a Science afternoon. The children conducted a science investigation based on air resistance where they had a piece of paper and they had to hold it from a certain height before dropping it and timing it as it fell to the floor. The children then had to fold the piece of paper and continue this experiment. They found that when they made the paper smaller, the surface area of the paper was decreased, meaning that there was less air resistance and the paper fell quicker. They then moved onto trying this with card and found that they had similar results. They also found that because the card was heavier than the paper it fell faster too. All in all they had a fabulous day rounding off their topic on forces.


On the 15th June, the children in Y5 and Y6 went on a very enjoyable and very educational trip to the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Museum as part of the start to their Grimsby topic.  The children had a tour around the centre with Dave, who was very informative and then had a tour of the Ross Tiger trawler that was moored alongside the museum, which turned out to be the highlight of the visit. The most fabulous day was had by everyone, and the children particularly enjoyed taking on the roles of the people on the trawlers and dressing up appropriately.
What a great way to start our topic!