Year 5 & 6 Visit to York

On Monday 5th November 2018, Year 5 and 6 went on their school trip to start their Mayans topic. As much as we would have liked to visit modern-day Mexico where it all began, the school budget wouldn’t stretch that far, so we opted to participate in a Mayan workshop in York. We first discussed some facts about the Mayans, then looked at the cacao pods and beans which were so valuable to the Mayans.

In groups, we followed a recipe to create a xocolate drink, very similar to that created by the Mayans using cocoa nibs, cocoa powder and water. Despite the lack of sugar and milk, it tasted quite nice!

After, we went to the York Chocolate Story for a tour. On the tour, we learnt how the Rowntree family, along with the Cadbury and Terry families in other parts of the country, developed the cacao beans that the Mayans first cultivated over 3,000 years ago, into the delicious chocolate that we eat today. We also learnt how to be a chocolate connoisseur by smelling, and listening to the chocolate, before letting it melt on our tongue to savour the rich, creamy taste.

Finally, we became chocolate makers and made our own lollies, before watching how the professionals did it.

What a fabulous day we had, and what a brilliant way to start our topic!

Organ Recital

On 4th October, four Year 6 children walked to Grimsby Minster with Mrs Rouse to listen to a lunchtime organ recital. The children really enjoyed listening to the music and were amazed at how loud the organ could sound! At the end of the recital, the children were allowed to go up to the organ loft and look at the organ close up. There were lots of pedals and buttons and it had 3 keyboards! The organist even has to play pedals with his feet!