Year 6 Trip to Briars

What a week for some of our Year 6 children!

The Briars Retreat welcomed and looked after us beyond expectations! From 8am to 9:30pm, our days were filled with activities and group sessions. The dining room would be filled with chatter as we shared our thoughts for the day, while spoilt for choice on the selection of foods available- kiwi fruits seemed to be a popular choice! We would start our day with the morning prayer and end it with our night prayer-acknowledging the ‘Our Father’ in sign language! They improved with the room inspections, with room 5 being a clear winner with 38 points! Thank you to all of the team at Briars!

Also a very huge congratulation to the year 6 children for their outstanding engagement and behaviour throughout the trip and not forgetting a big Thank you to Mrs Ballard, Miss Magalhaes and Mrs Szlapanska for taking the children.