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Hello and welcome to Nursery!  We are the adults working in your class and we’ve got lots of exciting topics planned for the upcoming year. 


 My name is Miss Souter and I will be your child’s Nursery teacher this year. I love teaching creative subjects and I am passionate about the importance of learning through play. We have so many exciting things planned for this year.


 My name is Miss Younger and I am very enthusiastic about learning through play which is why I love nursery!



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Throughout the school year children will cover a broad spectrum of topics which will incorporate all areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. Early Years staff will continually assess your child against the criteria set with the Profile, which consists of 3 prime areas of learning and 4 specific areas of learning-

3 prime areas

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


4 prime areas



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


In Nursery we follow 'in the moment planning'. This means we regularly identify children's current interests and plan and evaluate from day to day or during the moment it is happening. Staff are skilled at seizing the moment, when a child shows interest in an activity, which can be built upon and is a 'teachable moment'. We offer an environment that enables child initiated play.

 This term our topic has been “Why do you love me so much?”

The children have explored friendship and family and compared similarities and differences between their lives and those of others.




Advent Term

During Advent term the topics we will cover are Myself, Welcome and Birthdays. Listed below is the learning for each topic.



Prior learning: children will have experience of being part of a family


This Topic: learning outcomes

Know and understand:

  • The importance of my name – Explore
  • God knows and loves me and each one by name – Reveal



Prior learning: children will have experience of belonging to a family and to a nursery/class group


This Topic: learning outcomes

Know and understand:

  • What it is to welcome and be welcomed – Explore
  • Baptism: a welcome to God’s family – Reveal


    Prior learning: children will have the experience of celebrating birthdays at home

    This Topic: learning outcomes


    Know and understand:

    • what a birthday is; waiting for a birthday – Explore
    • Advent: looking forward to Christmas, the birthday of Jesus – Reveal

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Therapeutic Programme


Our classroom has recently been redecorated and new equipment for the outdoor area has been purchased.  As a through unit we share the wet area and outdoors with Reception and each class has access to all areas during Free-flow.

Throughout the day the children have the opportunity to complete wellbeing activities and instrumental music is played on entry to the classroom and during free flow to help promote a calming atmosphere. 


We complete daily meditation and relaxation exercises as well as taking part in Cosmic Kids Yoga sessions.   

Please see videos below for some of our activities:



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