Maths at St Mary’s

Maths Policy – June 2023

Maths Skills Progression

Maths Long Term Planning 2023 – 2024

At Saint Mary’s, we strive to ensure that all children, no matter what their starting point, can become confident, competent mathematicians. Children should experience a range of concrete, pictoral and abstract learning to maximise their understanding of mathematics in every year group. We follow the White Rose Maths curriculum, providing consistent high expectations and challenge whilst ensuring the majority of children leave KS2 with sustained Mastery. This means children are fluent in basic concepts, can reason mathematically and are able to make links with their knowledge to solve problems in relation to National standards. We aim to make all children “Number smart”. We make links through cross curricular and enterprise weeks to ensure children can apply maths to their everyday lives in order to give purpose to their learning.

Maths Intent Implementation And Impact

Times Tables

Part of our recovery curriculum includes the DfE guidance on the prerequisites for each year group. These will be used by each teacher to assess starting points for the children in their class.

DfE Maths Guidance KS 1 & 2

Calculation policy

Calculation Policy

St Mary’s Visual Calculation Policy Basic Edition