Welcome to Nursery

Class teacher: Miss Rowell (Maternity Cover)

Class T.A: Mrs Sadler

A warm welcome to all children, parents and visitors to our class page.  We have a wonderful team of teaching staff who work hard to ensure the children’s learning and wellbeing are the focus of everything we do.  Miss Hughes is the class teacher  who loves working in Early Years and enjoys seeing the children learn through play. Mrs Sadler is the Nursery’s Early Years Practitioners.

Intent Statement              

At St Mary’s, the EYFS curriculum is designed to encourage independent, inquisitive and happy learners. We recognise children’s prior learning and various starting points, and create an exciting curriculum that maximises cross-curricular links and builds strong foundations for their future. Our EYFS curriculum is specifically designed and evolves to provide children with important foundational skills and knowledge that will later be enhanced and embedded in KS1.

We recognise that children have a thirst for new experiences and knowledge, and should be provided with opportunities to engage their inquisitive minds. Therefore, we provide vibrant continuous indoor and outdoor provision, that follow children’s interests, to support learners in investigating and developing their skills therefore supporting the development of the three characteristics of effective learning. We work in close partnership with parents and carers throughout the year to support their learning and to encourage children to reach their full potential. We also aim to promote a smooth transition from EYFS to KS1 by providing children with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to succeed throughout their education.

Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage

Nursery Long Term Plan

Nursery Advent Medium Term Planning

Nursery Lent Medium Term Planning 


Learning intention 

To know that God is love.


Children will be able to say that loving others comes from Gods love.

Learning intention 

To know that a community is a call from God that we should live together.


Children will be able to gain an understanding of their community.

Class Newsletters

Nursery Advent 1 Class Newsletter

Nursery Lent 1 Class Newsletter

Nursery Lent 2 Class Newsletter 

Nursery Pentecost 1 Newsletter

2023/2024 Term

Nursery children are learning how to carefully use a knife to cut different fruits to make fruit kebabs 🍊🍌🍅 Excellent cutting skills nursery.

They are also learning how to form letters correctly. By correctly writing each of there names. Well Done

Nursery have been making coconut scented cloud dough ☁️ this dough feels smooth and is lovely to stretch and play with. We measured, poured and mixed.
If you would like to make your own at home you mix together 2 cups of corn starch with 1 cup of hair conditioner. You can also add food colour to the mixture.
The classroom smells lovely.

Nursery have been practicing counting 1-5. We then had to find the correct stone with the right amount of dots on it. Super counting nursery 😊

In math nursery have been looking at size. The children have been looking around the classroom comparing objects and sorting resources according to their size.

They also made tasty Fairy Bread to celebrate Australia Day.

In maths  we have been matching colours. The children have been hunting around the classroom to find items that match the colour they are looking for. Everyone joined in and did fantastic learning inside and outdoors.

Wow! Nursery children were really engaged with our fine motor activity this morning. They used tweezers to hold and scissors to cut the purple spaghetti. Well done Everyone, this activity will help to make our little hands strong

Nursery were dentists for the morning and learning how to brush teeth.

2022/2023 Term

Once upon a time

This term the the children will be exploring lots of magical and marvellous things in our new Topic ‘Once Upon a Time’. The new books this term are ‘I’m NOT a prince’ which is a twist on the traditional tale the Frog Prince and ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. During this topic the children will explore the life cycle of a frog and make their own porridge that is ‘just right!’.

In Maths the children are looking at 2D shapes, routines, height and length. They will be completing lots of magical maths activities this term.

In RE the children will explore the topic ‘Serving’ where they will talk about good news and sharing this with others as the disciples shared the good news of Jesus resurrection.

Pentecost 1 MTP

Gummy bear experiment

The children took part in an observational experiment, where they watched what would happen to the gummy bears in hot, cold and no water. We made a hypothesis for each gummy bear and guessed what would happen. The orange one dissolved in the hot water, the red one grew bigger in the cold water and nothing changed to the green gummy bear in no water.

Porridge taste test

The children were given lots of different flavoured porridge. The children voted between banana, jam, chocolate, sugar and plain. All the children decided that jam tasted the best.

Collective worship: Joy

For our collective worship the theme was ‘Joy’. They listened to some scripture and had time to reflect on the words. They then were asked to draw a picture of something they love at home and then asked to rip it and share the pieces with their friends. The children loved this idea and shared their beloved items with all their friends to spread the ‘Joy’ they get from that item.

RE: Exploring Friends

In RE this week the children have started their new topic ‘Friends’. To explore the topic the children have been busy making a handprint collage of a heart; painting pasta to make friendship bracelets and decorating a teddy for out RE display. To really get the children immersed in our new topic the children took part in a teddy bear picnic and were invited to bring their teddies from home.

Following a recipe

To continue our work on first, next and last, the children have followed a recipe to make shortbread biscuits.

Nursery’s Breakfast Club

For our maths this week we are are looking at First, Next and Last. The children have to make their own cereal in the morning to practise their pouring skills and remember what comes first, next and last.

King’s Coronation Celebration!

To celebrate the King’s Coronation on Saturday the children came in dressed in blue, red, white or royal attire for the occasion. In Early Years we also had a fun and delicious street party 🎈.

RE Good News (Reveal ‘Holy Spirit’)

The children have discovered that they cannot see the Holy Spirit but they can feel it like the wind. They explored the feeling of the Holy Spirit with bubbles, balloons, ribbon sticks and their own wind catchers.

Shape super secret agents

The children were sent on a mission to find shapes around the classroom. They found that a plate is a circle and the table was a square.

Will it float or sink?

The children have been super scientists and made predictions of whether they thought something would float or sink. We even looked at how frogs sink but they need a lily pad to float. The children investigated whether the lily pad would help other things float too.

Hook day

What an amazing hook day we have had! The children looked fantastic all dressed up. They even made some magic wands to try and turn Miss Jones back 🐸.

RE: Good News (Reveal)

The children listened to the story of Jesus’ death and his promise to send the Holy Spirit back to his disciples. While listening the children were able to show how the disciples felt using their happy and sad puppets.

All about circles

The children have really enjoyed our learning of 2D shapes. We have been focusing on circles and they now know a circle is round and they can be found in different places. The children even used them to make some lovely animal pictures.

Life cycle of a frog

Our story “I am NOT a prince” has inspired lots of frog related learning. We have some tadpoles in the EYFS unit which the children have loved watching swim around. The children now know the life cycle of a frog and create some cute frog head bands with the life cycle on them.

Our Learning Journey

Farm to fork

LENT 2 MTP Nursery

In Lent 2 we looked at where food comes from. Our theme was Farm to Fork and the children learnt that food comes from animals and plants! To immerse them in this topic the children read 2 new books this term: The Little Red Hen and Jack and the Beanstalk. The children got to make bread like the Little Red Hen and plant a Beanstalk.

In Maths the children explored the number 4, 5 and 6. They looked at counting, subitising, writing and reading these numbers.

In RE the children explored the topic ‘Growing’. In this topic the children watched the changes in the seasons, plants growing and the Easter Story.

Science experiments

The children did the pepper, milk and soap experiment to see how germs go away when you use soap.

We did the jelly bean experiment. We put different coloured jelly beans into different cups and then poured hot water over them. We spoke about what would happen and how long it would take for the jelly bean to discolour. After the experiment the children enjoyed eating a jelly bean.

Listening walk

Nursery went on a listening walk around the school and noticed the sound of cars, rain and children talking. When we got the school playground the children noticed they could hear their own voices, we told them this was called an echo. It Was a very wet listening walk but the children loved it.

What is a harp?

The children have learnt what a harp is and they all had a go at making one using rubber bands and boxes. They noticed that a real harp has lots and lots of strings and knew they needed more than one string on their harp

End of RE topic ‘Growing’

The children have finished their RE topic ‘Growing’ they talked about the wonders of Jesus’ death and resurrection. They even made some Easter cards.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Our new story is Jack and the Beanstalk and the children have made beanstalks in different ways.

The Little Red Hen

After finishing the story The Little Red Hen the children got to make and eat some delicious bread! I asked them would they have helped the Little Red Hen make the bread? They all said Yes!

The children really enjoyed world book day!

Feed the animals counting activity

The children have been practising their counting by feeding the animals.

Easter Story and Good Friday

In RE we have learnt about the Easter Story and Good Friday. The children decorated boiled eggs and paper eggs.

Dangerous Dinosaurs!

Our Lent 1 theme was ‘Dangerous Dinosaurs!’ during this topic we investigated the mysterious pre-historic creatures that lived 65-million years ago. The children’s writing skills were challenged with lots of dinosaur themed mark making activities and the formation of the numerals 1, 2 and 3. Our aim was to deepen their understanding of books they read such as instructions and non-fiction texts such as ‘How to look after your dinosaur’ and ‘Natural Disasters’. To immerse the children in the topic children were encouraged to engage in role play as Dinosaur Park attendees or workers and through the dinosaur small world toys.



The children took part in some dinosaur experiments. They sorted the dinosaurs into herbivores and carnivores!