Year 5

Welcome to class 5

Class teacher: Miss Willis

Class T.A’s: Mrs Dodson, Miss Cullum and Miss Barnes

Hello and welcome to our class page. We have had a brilliant start to the school year and have been busy getting to know each other.

We are all looking forward to working together to help the children achieve great things.


In English this half term, we have been writing a setting description. We decided to write about a character who unexpectedly wakes up in a woodland. We started by looking at a model text and talking about vocabulary and then we rewrote a rubbish model to make it better before finally writing our own description. We are currently editing our first draft and will be writing up neatly with our edits tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for our neat final pieces!

This half term in Maths, we have been learning about place value. We have learnt about the ten thousands, hundred thousands and millions column and how to place 6 digit numbers on a number line. We have also practised comparing and ordering larger numbers and partitioning them. We are currently practising rounding larger numbers which has been a bit tricky, but we’re getting the hang of it!

In science the children learnt all about air resistance. They did an experiment with two paper helicopter spinners, which were different sizes to see which one would fall to the floor the quickest.

The children learnt about the architecture in the Maya time period. They had to compare the similarities and differences between Maya’s home and the homes we live in now, Maya’s temples and palaces and our temples and palaces and how the roads have changed since Maya made them.