Greggs Foundation Hardship Fund 2024


We know that many families will struggle to make ends meet, and with the rise in the cost of living, can suddenly find themselves in very difficult circumstances.

The Hardship Fund allows Greggs Foundation to offer a ‘helping hand’ to people during a moment of crisis.

Our grants are there to help people provide individual items that can make a huge difference to family life – white goods for domestic use, beds and mattresses to aid restful sleep, grocery and clothing vouchers to support the purchase of essentials.

We can also provide vouchers towards the purchase of smaller kitchen appliances and utility vouchers to support the cost of running a home.

Applications are for one item only and not multiple items per family.

If an application is successful, we are only able to accept another for that family in the following calendar year. This allows for more families to be supported across school in the year.

Please contact me for more information or if there is anything that you may need. There are a number of criteria that need to be met for an application.

Thank you.

Mrs Steeper