Year 2

Welcome from staff



I am Mrs Solomou and this is my first year teaching at Saint Mary’s and I am really excited to be part of the Year 2 team. 

I think children learn best when it is meaningful and fun, so expect a lot of practical activities for this year where children can become really engaged in their learning. 

In my own free time I love to read, I also go to yoga and clubbercise classes, but most of all I love spending time with my husband and three children. 


Hi, I’m Mrs Shaw. I was in year 4 last year and am very happy to be working in year 2 this year. Out of school I love spending time with my family, walking my dogs and bike riding.


Hi I’m Mrs Dodson and I am very happy to be working in year 2 this year. Out of school I love spending time with my family.


 Hi , I'm Miss Briscoe and I'm working alongside Mrs Solomou in year 2. 


 Hello, my name is Mrs Walton and I’m a 1-1 teaching assistant. 

Although St. Mary’s feels like home to me (after attending as a pupil myself!) this is a new venture for me and one I’m very excited about. I’m really looking forward to getting to know all of year 2 when everyone returns in March! 

Outside of school I love spending time with my two children and family, we love going for days out and going on adventures! I also love reading and always make sure I set aside some time each day. 

Hi! I'm Miss Davis, I'm working as a 1:1 teaching assistant!

I've worked in schools for 3 years now and love every minute and I'm always learning new skills.

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, going for walks and cross stitch.

Class newsletter for Advent 1

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Lent 2 Newsletter


Pentecost 1 Newsletter

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Advent 1

Our topic this term is Magnificent Monarchs. We will learn about several different British monarchs and why they were significant in our history.

Please see the knowledge organiser below.

 In science we will learn about our heart and conduct an investigation into our heart rate during different exercises.

We will also learn about germs and investigate how germs spread using glitter!

Advent 2

Our topic this term is Movers and Shakers. We will learn about a range of significant people both past and present. Please see the knowledge organiser below.

In science we will be learning about everyday materials investigating if all balls bounce and whether you can make a paper bridge.

Lent 1

Our topic this term is Wriggle and Crawl. We will be learning about minibeasts and their microhabitats. We will be spending lots of time outdoors exploring nature, identifying the different kinds of minibeasts, discovering where worms live, finding out if snails have noses and how all these creepy crawlies protect themselves from their predators.

In science we will investigate if plants can grow in winter and if we can grow anything from the mud off our muddy wellies. This term we will certainly enjoy getting muddy!

Please see the knowledge organiser below for more information.

Lent 2

Our topic this term is The Scented Garden. We will be learning the different parts of a plant and how they grow and about our senses through the enchanting fragrances of flowers and herbs. Children will have the opportunity to plant their own flowers, make pizzas using herbs from the garden and finally make a fragrant gift.

In science we are exploring how grass grows, whether seeds can grow anywhere and during British science week, does the appearance of food affect its taste and who invented blue.

Please see the knowledge organiser below for more information.

 Pentecost 1

Our topic this term is Beachcombers. We will be learning about the habitats at the seaside, the different animal and plant life to be found there and how we have a responsibility to keep the beaches and oceans environmentally healthy. Children will get the chance to experience the seaside at school, make clay sea creature models, create their own messages in bottles and design a poster to encourage taking care of our coastal areas. 

In Science children will be examining octopuses, hermit crabs and life in a rock pool. 

Please see our knowledge organiser below for more information.


Pentecost 2

Our topic this term is Coastline. We will be learning about the geographical features of the United Kingdom coastline, learning about the terrific work of the RNLI, how to read maps, past and present tourism and famous explorers such as Captain James Cook.

In science we will be looking at why boats float, how mud is made and the life cycle of Ladybirds. 

Please see our knowledge organiser below for more information.




At Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary Academy, we aim to equip all pupils with the skills and confidence to solve a range of problems through fluency with numbers and mathematical reasoning.  Children are encouraged to see the mathematics that surround them every day and enjoy developing vital life skills in this subject. We use Power Maths and White Rose to assist us in the teaching for mastery approach to mathematics.



In Key Stage 1 we follow the Read, Write Inc scheme. RWI was developed by Ruth Miskin and more information on this can be found at


 The children will also be working on reading and spelling the high frequency words- click on the links below to access them

High frequency words

high frequency words 2






We follow the Come and See RE scheme of work


Our Advent topics are Beginnings, Signs and Symbols and Preparations.


 We will learn what a new beginning means and think about new beginnings in our lives e.g. when we started school or a new club. We will learn that each day is a new start.

We will look at the Creation story in the Bible as well as Psalms 139, 19 and 8.



Signs and symbols.

In this topic we will learn about the signs and symbols used in Baptism.



In this topic we will learn about how we prepare for special times. We will learn about Advent – the four weeks of preparation for the celebration of Jesus at Christmas.


 The topics for Lent are Books, Thanksgiving and Opportunities. Please see the knowledge organisers below.


In Pentecost our topics are Hinduism, Spread the Word, Rules and Treasure. Please see the knowledge organisers below.



Year 2 have PE on a Monday afternoon. GTFC coaches provide specialist physical education lessons weekly. Children can come to school in their PE kit which should consist of: dark tracksuit bottoms/jogging bottoms, a white tee shirt, their school jumper and trainers. No football kits, brightly coloured clothing or lycra please.

Children have access to PE equipment and a trim trail during break times and also participate in the daily mile. 



Our wellbeing curriculum


We are placing a huge emphasis on the children’s wellbeing after all the weeks of lockdown. We are aiming to improve their state of mind and mental wellbeing. We will be doing this in a variety of ways:

  • playing relaxing music whenever the children enter the classroom;
  • wellbeing lessons on self-concept, positive mindsets and emotional intelligence;
  • guided Meditation every morning;
  • a neutral colour scheme in the classroom to keep it relaxed;
  • mindfulness colouring;
  • a calm area for children to go if they feel stressed 

Please take a look at our calming classroom,