The aim of our curriculum is for St Mary’s pupils to have the skills to be independent, critical, motivated and resilient learners in preparation for the next stage of their education and life beyond education.

We aim:

  • To facilitate our pupils with opportunities that allow them to gain enjoyment from challenges and

to develop a keen work ethic.

  • To equip our pupils with the confidence and competence to use a range of hardware and software

available in the academy and in their everyday lives.

  • To respond to new developments in technology with curiosity and criticality.
  • To offer pupils opportunities to use Computing as a tool to enhance learning throughout the

curriculum and to collaborate with others.

  • To enable our pupils to understand how to use technology safely and responsibly, with

consideration for their mental well being.

  • To empower our pupils to be digitally literate and active participants in a digital world.
  • To set our pupils on the path to life-long learning through the continual development of their

skills in all areas of computing.

  • To expose our pupils to the plethora of opportunities and careers technologies can provide.

Information for Parents

Parents and carers, please take a look at this ‘Digital Document’ providing help and advice in the online world that we live in today. The document provides information which will be relevant to your child’s use of the internet including online gaming and social media.