Year 3

Welcome from staff

Hi, welcome to our new class web page! Working in our class we have Miss Wells (Class teacher), Mrs Ostrowska, Miss Mellows and Miss South.


I’m Miss Wells and I have now taught this class for 2 years and I’m loving watching the class grow and change. It’s been a very eventful journey! Not all teachers have had the experience of working through a global pandemic!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and going on little nature walks, running and boxing.

It’s a real pleasure to work with all your children, they all have their own unique characters and all bring different qualities to our Year 3 classroom. I feel very privileged to teach them.


Hello, my name is Miss Mellows and I am a teaching assistant with special responsibility for the Catholic ethos of the school. When I’m not supporting a class I spend my time looking at how we can ensure everybody has opportunities to look at their own faith and be part of the wider Catholic community.  I’ll be working closely with Fr Andrew and the Trust. 

I have worked on the Youth Ministry Team in the Hexham and Newcastle Diocese and have been part of many exciting events and retreats for young people which I hope to use to benefit everybody in our two Catholic primary academies




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Curriculum - Cornerstones

View document year_3/scrumdiddlyumptious_knowledge_organiser_advent_1.pdf


Our topic this term has been Scrumdidylumtious. In science we have studied plants, nutrition and what makes a healthy lifestyle.

In history we studied the work of James Lind and his impact on the treatment for illnesses.

In geography we have tracked the journeys food makes across our planet to get to our supermarkets.

Next term we will be studying Mighty Metals.

Mighty Metals



At Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary Academy, we aim to equip all pupils with the skills and confidence to solve a range of problems through fluency with numbers and mathematical reasoning.  Children are encouraged to see the mathematics that surround them every day and enjoy developing vital life skills in this subject. We use Power Maths and White Rose to assist us in the teaching for mastery approach to mathematics.

View document year_3/year_3_overview.pdf

 Please find below the knowledge organisers to accompany our next units:

addition and subtraction knowledge-organiser.pdf

multiplication and division knowledge-organiser.pdf

Key instant recall facts

We have a set of key instant recall facts (KIRFs) each half term to work on both at home and in school and encourage children to challenge themselves on TT Rockstars

KIRF Advent


For English we will be using Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing structure. This involves a 3 part process. 1 - imitate: we will learn a text off by heart using actions and a story/ text map

                2- innovate : we will then use the structure of the map and change key events / characters to make a new story

              3 - invent : Now children have the structures, learnt new vocabulary and understand the features of the genre they are writing, they are ready to create their own text.



 Please find below the year 3/4 spelling list

View document year_4/year_3___4_word_list_grid.pdf




We follow the Come and See RE scheme at Saint Mary’s. This term’s topics are Homes, Promises and Visitors.

The current topic is focused on belonging. Belonging to a group, family, work place and social groupings. We look into the promises made when we belong to these groups. We also study baptism and the promises made during this ceremony. The promises made at Baptism and Confirmation are the call to a new way of life. At Baptism and Confirmation people are welcomed and initiated into the Christian Church and supported in responding to God’s call.


View document year_3/topic_grids_-_autumn_-_year_3.pdf



Year 3 PE is on a Tuesday afternoon. GTFC coaches provide specialist physical education lessons weekly. Wherever possible this will be outdoors so children will need a dark tracksuit, a white tee shirt, dark school jumper and trainers. No football kits, brightly coloured clothing or lycra please.

Children will also be provided with their own skipping rope so that they can take part in daily skipping practice in an afternoon. This is a fabulous and fun way for children to keep fit and healthy.

Our wellbeing curriculum

We are becoming a therapeutic school. This means we putting the children’s mental well-being as our priority. We are spending time, daily, practising mindfulness techniques, discussing our emotions and how we can control them. It is underpinned by the 4 key qualities we believe children need to learn about in order to flourish in life.

  1. Their mental health
  2. Self-belief
  3. Positive mindset
  4. Emotional intelligence


We have spent a lot of time and money in redecorating the whole school to promote a calm and relaxing environment.

In year 3 we are focusing in particularly on emotions and managing them. We have learnt techniques such as taking deep breaths, focused feet, meditation, calm places we can go to and various other ideas to help the children to self-regulate when they notice their emotions are beginning to take over them.



 Remote learning

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