British Science Week 4 - 15.3.21

We didn't let coronavirus get in the way of the children enjoying British Science Week. The children attended events through Zoom and Microsoft Teams and completed lots of exciting experiments within our topics. 




Our  Science Curriculum

We use Curriculum Maestro for our Science at St Mary's so that the majority of Science is topic based. We have also used the Crest Award scheme to support children to think and work scientifically. Many of our children have now won Crest Awards - helping to create scientists of the future. 

Year 5 Science

Here are some of the things Year 5 have done in science so far this year.  We linked to the topic of Ancient Egypt to make Shaduf to explore the usage of levers.  We also made pulleys using rope and broomsticks.


We have just finished comparing U.H.T. and pasteurized milk in considering why milk goes off.  We used PH paper to measure acidity.  It smelt quite bad after 6 days!

Year 4

Here are some of the things Year 4 have done in Science - it all looks great fun!

We have investigated properties of solids, liquids and gases using balloons filled with water, ice and co2.


We have observed reversible and irreversible changes by melting chocolate and letting it solidify



 We have investigated the viscosity of different liquids.

For our potions topic we had a day of making magic potions and herbal remedies used to treat the common cold in Roman times.



Year 3

The Year 3 children say ' We love Science!" They have been doing a great variety of topic based and Crest Award science.

The children have used their chemistry skills to make their own cheese as part of a CREST award.

They made homemade cars and then tested the degree of a ramp. 


The children enjoyed testing the strength of magnets using Newton meters.


Year 2

Year 2 have been enjoying out door Science where the children went on a minibeast hunt.

They then looked at where worms like to live followed by making a wormery.

The children then looked at whether plants grow in winter by completing a growing our own bulbs experiment.

We then saw if we could grow anything from the mud off our wellies after looking at seed dispersal. 

Year 1.

 The children in Year One have been observing  the seasons throughout the year and looking how our school environment changes.


The children used a leaf identification sheet to see what trees we had in our grounds.

We planned and carried out an investigation together to work out - Do pine cones know it is raining? We looked at dry pine cones and thought about how we could find the answer to the question. We then predicted what would happen when we put them in the rain. 


During our School days topic we looked at how materials of toys had changed from Victorian times to present day. We learnt all about materials of objects in the classroom and then sorted them by their properties.

During our Splendid Skies topic the children worked as a group to create an investigation to test if all raindrops are the same size.

We then looked at the Beaufort Windscale and used carrier bags to see which direction the wind was blowing and how fast it took our carrier bags away.


The children in the EYFS have had fun with Science - learning through their interests. They looked at Pumpkins - curious to find out what was inside. The children then planted the pumpkin seeds outside - they can't wait to see if they will have their own pumpkins this year. 




Egg Drop - The children looked at different things they could use to protect the eggs. We then put them to the test to see which ones would survive after the egg drop. We predicted what would happen and then we discussed what actually happened. 







Ice - The children were fascinated when they went outside one morning to see all the puddles iced over and tuff trays full of ice. We spoke about how things turned into ice, and explored what we could do with it.